When used safely, essential oils can be diffused in your home with great advantage, not only to you, but to your plants, too.
Tea Tree: Controls Fungal Diseases, Repels Insects. Peppermint: Prevents Development Of Fungi, Repels Insects Such As Spiders, Aphids, Slugs, Snails, White, Flies, Etc. Rosemary: Controls Pests Such As Ants And Aphids, Effective Insecticide, Attracts Pollinators (better For Outdoor Plants! ), Is Distasteful To Cats And May Deter Them From Chewing (please Clear This With Your Veterinarian First). Clove : Antifungal, Insecticial, Herbicidal, Has Low Levels Of Toxins Making It A Good Organic Choice. Oregano: Fungicide, Pest Repellent For Flying Pests Such As Mosquitos And Green Flies. Lavender: Insect Repellent, Attracts Bees (again, Better For Outdoor Plants! ). Orange: Its Powerful Scent Repels Ants, Attracts Pollinators. Cedarwood: Repels And Prevents Ants, Caterpillars, Aphids, Fleas, Slugs And Snails. Thyme: Keeps Pests Away, Eliminates Fungi And Some Types Of Bacteria. Lemongrass: Insect Repellent That Works Especially Well For Mosquitos. Basil: Repels Spiders, Flea, Spider Aphids. Lemon: Add To Soapy Water To Wash Bugs Off Of Plant Leaves. Thieves: Cleans Leaves And Leaves Them Shiny. Citrus: Purifies Soil. Cinnamon: Is Antifungal, Prevents Growths Of Other Organisms.
Since fruik’s essential oils are pure, we have a longer shelf life than most of our competitors. The recommended shelf life is 2 years from the date when the bottle is opened.
We recommend our customers to take a patch test before incorporating the oil into their lives. Generally, we recommend the users to dilute an essential oil using a carrier/care oil of their choice rather than applying it directly on the skin.
0. 5% 1 Drop Essential Oil To 2 Tsp Of Carrier Oil - Infants (6-24 Months) 1% 3 Drops Essential Oils To 2 Tsp Of Carrier Oil - Elderly, Facial Application 2% 6 Drops Essential Oils To 2 Tsp Of Carrier Oil - Maximum Daily Recommended Dilution 5% 15 Drops Essential Oils To 2 Tsp Of Carrier Oil - Short Term Use
Essential oils have psychological, pharmacological and physiological effects on the body. As you inhale the oil’s aroma, the scent molecules move from the olfactory nerves to the brain and stimulate your central nervous system, particularly the amygdala, triggering an emotional response. This reduces panic attacks, stress, or anxiety. It directly effects your limbic system which is the seat of your emotions.
It Has Been Proven In Multiple Studies That Certain Essential Oils Are Beneficial To Be Used With Dogs. Lavender: Relaxes And Calms A Dog. Peppermint: Helps With Ticks, Sore Muscles And Upset Stomach. Chamomile: Aid For Burns, Burns, Skin Irritation, Wounds And Eczema In Dogs. Frankincense: Used In Treatment Of Pet Cancer, And Also Has Antimicrobial Properties. Cedarwood: A Natural Pest Repellent, Also An Antiseptic For Lungs, Cough. Stimulates Hair Growth And Dandruff Reduction.