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Fruik: Pure Essential Oils

Premium Olive Oil

Premium Olive Oil

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Indulge in the natural luxury of our Premium Cold-Pressed Olive Oil, your secret to radiant skin and lustrous hair. Extracted to preserve its nutrient-rich profile, our oil is an all-natural solution for deep hydration and rejuvenation. Its antioxidants and vitamins E and K nourish your skin and strengthen your hair, making it an essential part of your beauty routine. This versatile oil, free from additives, is perfect for all skin and hair types, offering a touch of nature's best for your personal care.


• 100% Pure Olive Extract:
Cold-pressed from the finest olives, ensuring maximum purity and nutrient retention for the best skincare and haircare results.

• Rich in Vitamins E and K:
These vitamins are essential for skin and hair health, providing antioxidants and aiding in hydration and strength.

• Natural Fatty Acids:
Contains beneficial oleic acid and other fatty acids that moisturize and protect both skin and hair.


• Hydrates and Nourishes Skin:
Deeply moisturizes the skin, reducing dryness and improving elasticity for a youthful appearance.

• Strengthens and Conditions Hair:
It provides essential nutrients to hair, reduces frizz, and promotes more robust, healthier hair growth.

• Anti-Aging Properties:
The antioxidants in olive oil help combat skin ageing, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

• Ideal for Pre and Post Natal Care:
Its gentle, natural formula makes it perfect for managing skin elasticity during pregnancy and soothing skin post-delivery.

How to Use

• For Skin:
Apply a few drops of our olive oil directly to your skin, gently massaging in a circular motion for deep hydration and a natural glow.

• For Hair:
Warm the olive oil slightly and massage it into your scalp and hair. Leave for 30 minutes before washing for deep conditioning and shine.

• As a Makeup Remover:
Use a small amount on a cotton pad to gently remove makeup, nourishing your skin while cleansing.

• Pre and Postnatal Care:
Gently massage olive oil on the abdomen during pregnancy to improve skin elasticity and reduce stretch marks. Postpartum, it can soothe and hydrate delicate skin.

Crafted by Taru Essentials

• Commitment to Quality:
At Fruik, we ensure our olive oil is cold-pressed, preserving its natural properties for maximum benefits in skincare and hair care.

• Eco-Friendly and Sustainable:
We are dedicated to sustainability. We source our olives responsibly to protect the environment and ensure the purity of our product.

• Versatile and Effective:
Our olive oil is not just a product; it's a natural solution that is versatile enough for various skin and hair types and promising effective results.

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Why Fruik

Fruik stands out for its unwavering commitment to quality, purity, and authenticity. All our care oils are meticulously crafted in-house using only the finest natural and organic ingredients, ensuring superior quality without compromise. This dedication to excellence extends to our newest vertical, Taru Essentials, which upholds the same standards of premium quality and effectiveness. With Fruik, you can trust that each product is a testament to our passion for providing nourishing and transformative solutions for your skincare and wellness needs.