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Fruik: Pure Essential Oils

Luxurious Rosehip Oil

Luxurious Rosehip Oil

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Unlock the secrets of youthful skin with our premium Rosehip Oil, a cold-pressed treasure rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. Perfect for reducing signs of ageing, hydrating deeply, and improving skin tone and texture. Experience the luxurious, natural path to radiant, healthy skin with every use.


• 100% Pure Rosehip Extract:
Extracted from the seeds of the rose plant, our oil is unrefined and cold-pressed, retaining all its potent qualities.

• Rich in Vitamins A and C:
These essential vitamins aid in skin cell regeneration and collagen production, essential for youthful skin.

• Omega Fatty Acids:
Abundant in omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids, which are crucial for skin health and repair.


• Promotes Youthful, Radiant Skin: Rosehip Oil is known for its ability to rejuvenate the skin, reducing signs of aging and giving a radiant glow.

• Hydrates and Repairs Skin: Deeply moisturizes the skin and aids in repairing damage, making it ideal for dry or mature skin types.

• Improves Skin Tone and Texture: Regular use helps in evening out skin tone and improving skin texture, resulting in a smoother, healthier complexion.

How to Use

• As a Daily Facial Serum:
Apply a few drops of rosehip oil to your face and neck after cleansing, gently massaging it to promote absorption and hydration.

• Anti-Aging Night Treatment:
Use as an overnight treatment, allowing the rich nutrients to work on reducing fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep.

• For Scar and Stretch Mark Reduction:
Regularly massage the oil into affected areas to help diminish the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Crafted by Taru Essentials

• Commitment to Natural, High-Quality Products:
Fruik ensures that our Rosehip Oil is cold-pressed and 100% pure, providing you with a premium skincare experience.

• Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing:
We prioritize the environment and ethical practices in sourcing our rosehip seeds, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

• Effective for Diverse Skin Needs:
Our Rosehip Oil is versatile and suitable for a variety of skin types and conditions, embodying Fruik's dedication to inclusive skincare solutions.

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Why Fruik

Fruik stands out for its unwavering commitment to quality, purity, and authenticity. All our care oils are meticulously crafted in-house using only the finest natural and organic ingredients, ensuring superior quality without compromise. This dedication to excellence extends to our newest vertical, Taru Essentials, which upholds the same standards of premium quality and effectiveness. With Fruik, you can trust that each product is a testament to our passion for providing nourishing and transformative solutions for your skincare and wellness needs.